Attention to Detail

Attention to Architectural Detail.

Do not imitate others

Casa di En Banquet was created through years of contemplation and the desire to conceive something original. In Japan, there are many buildings that imitate Western architecture, which raised some doubts for me. This is because Japan has its own history and various architectural styles that have evolved from different lifestyles.

When welcoming foreign guests, I felt that offering hospitality in a setting similar to their own living environment might not be appreciated. Therefore, I believed it would be better to showcase the unique aspects of Japan, such as thatched roof buildings or traditional Kyoto architecture, which have a history spanning millions of years. When discussing this with the architect I commissioned, we connected deeply over this concept.

While it is not necessarily wrong to continuously replace and build anew, I wanted the structures to endure and become part of history over time. That was my ideal. In Japan, wooden architecture is often associated with temples and shrines, and they commonly use hinoki (Japanese cypress). Following that tradition, I incorporated hinoki into the construction of Casa di En, envisioning a fusion of sculptural Japanese architecture. I am grateful that this approach led to receiving the 2019 Movement Design Award.

Note: The reference to the Movement Design Award is based on the provided information, but it might be helpful to verify the accuracy and relevance of the award in the actual context.