Attention to Detail

Emphasis on Ingredient Quality.

Dedication to “Meat”

When it comes to meat, we go the extra mile. I traveled a round trip of 300 kilometers to meet with the owner in person and discuss our preferences. Together, we carefully selected the finest cuts of meat. The premium meat we served at our recent party was exceptional, surpassing what you would find at ordinary restaurants. This level of quality is only achievable because of our commitment to personally sourcing and selecting meat with great care and attention.

Dedication to “Fish”

I believe that producers and I should share common “values.” It is also important to select seasonal ingredients.
When it comes to fish, I have been relying on a fish market vendor for over 30 years. We understand each other’s needs and preferences, so when I place an order, they deliver exactly what I requested. The same applies to vegetables.
Note: In the provided context, the term “values” refers to shared principles or beliefs related to food production and sourcing.


Regarding the value of delicious food

When it comes to delicious food, everyone wants to enjoy it. However, high-quality ingredients tend to come at a higher cost. I hope you can understand this aspect to some extent when placing your order. Some people might even refer to me as a “stubborn old man” because I have strong convictions and preferences.

Note: The term “stubborn old man” is used metaphorically here to convey the speaker’s strong determination and unwavering commitment to quality.